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Hyper Chic

Hyper chic makes a comeback: the interior design of commercial premises with a distinct character.

In the world of refurbishment and interior design, trends change and make our profession even more exciting and stimulating.

At Marchi Design, we love keeping up with trends to provide our customers with the best design service, for bars, pastry shops, restaurants, wine bars and ice cream parlours.

This is why, on our website, we want to delve into a style that is increasingly in demand and popular in interior design: 1950s bon ton, the comeback of hyper chic and, in other words, the return of a special protagonist: elegance.

Interior design goes back to the 1950s

Minimalism has been all the rage recently, but it has now given way to a retro chic style, with the interiors of establishments enriched by fine materials and enhanced by bold choices.

No more simple glossy lacquered furniture, no more black, white or grey, but furnishings in various types of marble, polished and glossy wood, brass elements, and velvet and suede in deep colours such as brown, mud and anthracite.

Therefore, the 1950s are back in vogue also in the interior design of commercial premises, where we can increasingly find marble floors, wooden counters and brass details (e.g. lamps).

The future of interior design looks to the past 

The comeback of hyper chic has involved us directly in numerous creations for our customers… And we are certain that elegance, prestige and grandeur will be at the heart of many other future projects!

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