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Industrial design

Industrial design: the interior design of commercial premises with many contrasts.

Trends in the field of interior design are of great importance to us, since we have been designing, refurbishing and furnishing establishments since 1952, but also and especially to our customers who want to renew their business or open a new one.

For this reason, we find it appropriate to explore a new frontier of style in interior design on our website: industrial design, a trend, as in the case of hyper chic, with a vintage twist.

First of all, we would like to point out that industrial design is a way of looking at the past that differs from elegant and sophisticated bon ton, as it focuses on simplicity and authenticity.
Let’s take a closer look at what this means.


Traditional interior design with personality

For industrial-style premises, vintage elements are chosen to provide a rustic, homely and artisanal feel, while paying attention to detail and colour combinations.

They stand out thanks to their retro style, with the use of industrial materials such as steel, raw wood and anything that gives the place a natural vibe.

This growing trend has led to the opening of a number of restaurants and bars reminiscent of old food shops, with a rustic yet harmonious design, which looks original thanks to the use of ultra-modern and contemporary elements made of industrial materials, creating fascinating contrasts.


Bringing together tradition and modernity in industrial design 

When it comes to furnishing commercial premises, the reference to tradition is back in fashion again in order to allow customers to experience welcoming, intimate and typical atmospheres. With a touch of industrial design, expertly made to measure, each space will look “new” and “innovative” in the eyes of customers.

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