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Elegant and exquisite nature of daily purchases is perfectly reflected in
our bakery interior design creating fresh and inspiring attitude that will
enter the heart of your customers. Bakery’s vintage design elements or
modern bakeshop – we will find a suitable solution to express client’s
hopes about the atmosphere and sentiment.

We attribute Made in Italy quality standards to unique design interiors for
bakeries, pastry and coffee shops, ice cream parlors and yogurt shops and
the variety of commercial spaces. The bakery designed by our team combines
functionality and style to create friendly and charming atmosphere that can
become a pleasant place for both baker shop clientele and staff.

Listening to the client and combining different aspects of our expertise we
provide bakery interiors with custom-made design capable to satisfy the
taste of most sophisticated customers. The quality and integrity of
material, vintage forms and equipment production are at the heart of our
work. This is the only way we can guarantee bakery vintage design that
satisfies our aesthetic standards to assist the daily work of the baker.

We supply our clients with authentic bakery equipment like ovens, desks,
sinks, kneading, dividers and trolleys for trays. Marchi Interior Design
will provide you with a complete consulting service concerning the best
materials to use and the fresh performing solutions.

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