Commercial interior design: bakeries

Marchi Interior Design has a long experience in interior design and furniture for food shops.

We always propose top-quality projects: rationality and design must be harmoniously combined, choosing the most suitable materials and optimizing even the smallest spaces.

From design consultancy to final opening, Marchi pays particular attention to the overall style of the furniture.
Furthermore, our turn-key projects include the supply of bakery products and:

  • ovens
  • desks
  • sinks
  • kneading
  • dividers and trolleys for trays work
  • tables and sinks for the laboratory

We can also give you advice for menus, clothing and even wall colors..

Our team of skilled architects, interior designers and artisans is always there to elaborate for you fully customized, original and charming design capable to surround your clients with a harmonic atmosphere of colors, shapes and lights.
Elegance and uniqueness are blended in every shape and every shade of color to express our passion for commercial interior design.

Feel free to contact us for information!

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