Italian Design for Coffeeshop and Bar

Constant evolution of design ideas is exquisitely displayed in Marchi
portfolio of interior design for coffeeshops, cafe and bar

Coffeeshop Italian design by Marchi
reflects our special attitude to client’s commitments and customers
sentiment. Elegance and uniqueness are blended in every shape and every

shade of color to express our passion about coffeeshop interior design.

Comfortable and functional, hip and exclusive – our correct attitude to
client’s wishes will provide all necessary means for correct realization of Italian bar design. We offer

extensive flexibility to choose interior for bar design
with the size, performance and style that best fit client’s needs.
Extensive options of bar vintage design will certainly meet the creative
needs of our clients.

Focusing on individual approach and quality features we develop exclusive Italian cafe vintage design with turn-key solutions
including consultations, supply and following.

Made in Italy quality
is a central value in the set of excellence features offered by Marchi
Interior Design. Through consultation with the customer we can implement
fully customized Italian design for coffee shop and bar paying attention to
smallest details of your coffeeshop, bar or café including furniture,
menus, place mats, clothing, hats, plates, glasses and cutlery.

Core elements of coffeeshop interior design include refrigerated or neutral
bar counter, showcases, chairs, tables and stools, lamps, chandeliers and
lighting, coverings and upholstery for main spaces. Refrigerators,
dishwashers, coffee machines and grinders, stainless steel tables cover
interiors of bar, pub or cafe facilities.

Team of skilled architects, interior designers and artisans is always there
to elaborate for you fully customized, original and charming design capable
to surround your clients with a harmonic atmosphere of colors, shapes and

Rational and reasoned combination of innovation, attraction and progression
inspires us to create new standards and offer fresh interior design
solutions for coffee shops, bar and cafe.

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