Italian Bar and Coffee Shop Design

Constant evolution of cafe bar interior design ideas is exquisitely displayed in Marchi Interior Design portfolio: it reflects our special attitude to client’s commitments and customers sentiment.
We offer extensive flexibility to build your very own project with custom made furniture: Marchi provides exclusive turn-key solutions including design consultants and suppliers.

We provide not only custom made furniture, but also:

  • refrigerated or neutral bar counters
  • showcases
  • chairs, stools and tables
  • lamps, chandeliers and lighting
  • refrigerators
  • dishwashers
  • coffee machines and grinders

But there is more: every bar interior design includes even supply of menus, place mats, clothing, hats, plates, glasses and cutlery.

Our team of skilled architects, interior designers and artisans is always there to elaborate for you fully customized, original and charming design capable to surround your clients with a harmonic atmosphere of colors, shapes and lights.

Elegance and uniqueness are blended in every shape and every shade of color to express our passion for Italian coffee shop design.

Feel free to contact us for information!

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