Hotel interior design and lounge design

Marchi Interior Design, with over fifty years of experience in interior design for hotels both in Italy and abroad, offers furniture of the highest quality, able to combine functionality and design Made in Italy: from classic hotels to luxury lounge interior design.

We are always looking for innovative solutions that can best optimize spaces and give the right harmony of shapes, colors and lights to every tourist structure. This can be achieved only with an exclusive interior design consultancy and the supply of furniture for each area of the hotel:

  • rooms and suites
  • reception area
  • bar area
  • waiting area
  • lobby area
  • lounge area
  • contract furniture, chairs and tables for waiting rooms
  • interior design for conference rooms and multi-purpose hospitality
  • facilities

Thanks to an advanced CAD/Cam system, our architects let us analyze the whole project in 3D. This way we can study all the functional and practical aspects of interiors and common areas.

Our team of skilled architects, interior designers and artisans is always there to elaborate for you fully customized, original and charming design capable to surround your clients with a harmonic atmosphere of colors, shapes and lights.
Elegance and uniqueness are blended in every shape and every shade of color to express our passion for hotel Made in Italy design.

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