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Ice Cream Parlor and Yogurt shop – Marchi Interior Design

We consider ice-cream parlor design as a key ingredient in modern
organization of business to sell ice cream desserts. Opening an ice cream
parlor or a yogurt shop in an increasingly competitive market requires a
rigorous study of the interior design aspects. You need to choose
distinctive, original furniture as well as compose interior elements to
create special experience when you sell ice cream, gelato and other
desserts to consumers.

Thanks to our experience we are able to create exclusive solutions for ice
cream parlours and yogurt shops, offering unique and extremely functional

Shops selling ice-cream, yogurt and frozen desserts represent particular
environments that should translate quality and excellence of your products.
This way it becomes important to choose the right solutions to capture the
attention of customers on products and experience encouraging the purchase
and consumption.

We supply a wide range of furniture and equipment to complete ice-cream
parlor design:

  • Ice-cream showcases
  • Bar counter refrigerated and / or neutral
  • Ice cream maker and planetary
  • Beaters and pasteurisers
  • Scales
  • Freezers
  • Mixers

We will translate your ideas and wishes of perfect Ice Cream Parlor into
original and reliable design for effective restaurant facility.

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Bar Bologna,Italia

Bar Bologna,Italia

Gelateria Modena,Italia

Gelateria Parigi,Francia

Gelateria Vignola,Italia

Gelateria Poviglio,Italia

Gelateria ,Italia

Gelateria ,Italia

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