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PASTRY SHOP – Marchi Interior Design

Technology and innovative design distinguish our proposals, particularly
when it comes to Italian pastry design. Blending Made in Italy expertise
and quality in our pastry interior design we will give your customers a
chance to enjoy unique atmosphere and feel the sentiment with the first
step entering true Italian pastry.

Furnishing Italian patisserie means to take care of details. The production
of sweets is a demanding work, so it’s necessary to organize its serving in
appropriate decor including good arrangement of the showcases and counters.
Besides aesthetics, interior design of a pastry shop must take into account
environment usability where product becomes the real actor.

Our supplied equipment for Italian pastry shop usually includes:

  • Refrigerated or neutral counter
  • Pastry showcases
  • Slicing and refiners
  • Beaters and pasteurisers
  • Scales
  • Italian Pastry ovens
  • Freezers

To create customer’s comfort you need to pay particular attention to
details like lighting, flooring, cabinets, tables, chairs.

Depending on design you want to use in your Italian pastry, our team of
professionals will study a project in every detail. Focusing on your
personal taste in interior design, we will make your pastry shop a pleasant
and hospitable place where eating delicious pastries becomes true

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