Interior Design for Restaurants

Italian design
is a key ingredient to create appropriate atmosphere for restaurant
customers. Our comprehensive expertise, creative approach and effective
communication with the client provide the basis for Italian restaurant design. Modern or classic venue, hip
bar or fashion pizzeria becomes the masterpiece of restaurant vintage
design thanks to experienced and consolidated team of our design

Sophisticated nature and exquisite taste accompany each of our design
project as well as clients’ commitments and quality standards are perfectly
expressed in every detail of Italian restaurant design by Marchi. Our design
professionals opt to turn a casual visit into a unique gastronomic
discovery. We focus our attention on the peculiar customers’ needs,
performing unique and customized projects on interior restaurant design that
assure the perfect union between modern functionality and vintage
aesthetics. We provide professional consulting service to elaborate the
best interior design solutions for your Italian restaurant or pizzeria. An
internal production line of furnishings for restaurant-bar designs, combined with our traditional
know-how, allows us to assure the highest quality of our services.

Charming and pleasant space will help to complete the sentiment from
gourmet experience you want to bring to restaurant customers. This is the
reason of our particular attention to every detail: Italian furniture,
restaurant menus, placemats, apparel, hats, dishes, glasses, cutlery,
curtains colors, lighting, plasterboard color and forms, logo and sign.
Every design element is carefully selected to

enrich restaurant’s interior design with classic details and modern


Made in Italy quality perfectly blends with food excellence, creating
inimitable atmosphere that surrounds clients in Italian restaurants. Our vision of superior interior design for restaurants put
together elegance and good taste, made up of enticing flavors and precious

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