Restaurant Furniture and Interior Design: even pizzerias, taverns and self-services

Marchi Interior Design has been, for over fifty years, specialized in the design of modern and rustic restaurants, but also turn-key restaurants and even self-services.
We pay attention to the specific needs of the customer with tailor-made projects, in which our interior designers are able to mix functionality and design.

The quality of the eno-gastronomic proposal of a restaurant is fundamental, but the atmosphere that welcomes customers is very important: all of our projects begin with our interior design consultants, that can understand how to highlight the identity of your brand through every single piece of furniture.
Marchi supplies not only furniture but also machinery:

  • bar area counters
  • refrigerated display cases for wines and desserts
  • appetizers and fish showcases
  • chairs, tables and stools
  • fridge cabinets and freezers
  • stainless steel tables, sinks and wall units
  • kitchen equipment
  • placemats, hats, dishes, glasses, cutlery

We can also help you redesign the logo and the main sign of your restaurant.

Our team of skilled architects, interior designers and artisans is always there to elaborate for you fully customized, original and charming design capable to surround your clients with a harmonic atmosphere of colors, shapes and lights.
Elegance and uniqueness are blended in every shape and every shade of color to express our passion forĀ restaurant interior design.

Feel free to contact us for information!

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