Boutiques and shops interior design

Constant evolution of styles and trends is perfectly translated in boutiques and shops interior design by
Marchi. Challenging yet brilliant realization of clients hopes and
commitments in retail shops interior designgive customers
a chance to enjoy the style with the first step entering boutique or shop.

Marchi Interior Design offers its professionalism and experience to create
customized solutions for all points of sale such as jewellery stores. We
aim at applying all the winning marketing strategies that can transform
your shop in a really successful business.

Unique retail interior design enhanced with comfort and
functionality can satisfy the taste of most sophisticated customer,
providing a positive shopping experience. Suitable and attractive furniture
disposition or shop’s interior design can significantly increase the
effectiveness of retail point, providing a correct product presentation or
the necessary emotional background for customers. Our company offers you a
complete consulting service concerning the best materials to use and best
performing solutions.

Made in Italy quality, combined with focused expertise of our professional
designer team, allows us to hear the clients’ ideas and feel the right
solution to increase effectiveness of retail points. Being on the same way
with client’s hopes and customer’s expectations we produce retail shop
interior design that creates pleasant, light and sophisticated atmosphere
for shopping.

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