Wine bars

Wine bar design: make it unique is possible

The philosophy of wine bar design
is perfectly expressed in the beverage itself: light, cozy and emotional
atmosphere brings together everyone who is inside – customers, staff and
casual passes-by.

Creating design for a wine bar is surely something different from an inn or
a wine-shop. People come in a wine bar for a simple reason: they might be
attracted by your showcase full of bottles and they can enter to taste
their favorite or to ask for a suggestion.

To design a good wine bar the sophistication is critical because its
customers usually appear to be demanding experts in the field. In this case
a wine bar needs a company specialized in interior design and furnishing
contemporary for such stores. We offer you a multiple service that includes
following fundamental steps:

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Supply of customized furniture

We possess all necessary resources and expertise to provide unique and
fully customized design for wine bar interiors in line with Made in Italy quality standards:

  • Hand-crafted and exclusive italian furniture
  • Prestigious fabrics and materials
  • The study of the most fitting furniture solutions

Our experts provide comprehensive support to all our clients from the
initial planning to the accomplishment of our work. Delicate knowledge of
classic styles and latest trends, together with exquisite attitude to
tailor-made design, provide the basis for a coherent combination of skill,
attraction and authenticity.

Proficiency in a variety of shapes and colors ensures ideal solution both
for wide and narrow places. Far-reaching expertise in all aspects of design
creation for wine bars and shops will provide the basis for new unique
philosophy of your place.

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